are our strengths we will utilize to solve your problems or avoid issues from happening by implementing preventing measures.

Being established in the Chinese market since many years and managing countless projects we have learned a lot about the different ways things are run in China. From serving the Chinese subsidiary of Foreign investors or working for Chinese companies in China or abroad - each project has contributed some particular learning curve to our expertise.

With these years of presence in China and extensive experience "behind Chinese curtains" we could acquire a far-reaching and valuable set of experience and skills, which enables us to claim that we hardly can be surprised by circumstances when running projects in China.

We keep our organizational structure lean so we can respond quickly and with great flexibility to your demands and needs.

In China each project requires a unique solution and continuous attention to build a path to success. We are living this approach in every step of our work. We only consider proven and experienced specialists in our project teams.

We work across sectors and have already managed successfully many projects for clients from the automotive, electronics, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), food and beverages, and service industry.

If your project requires exceptional experts we will be able to get access to such specialists through our established network and partner companies.

During our many years of business activities in the Chinese market we have established a extensive network of experts and specialists. This enables us to serve your project from A to Z in all aspects and requirements. You will benefit from an efficient project management and execution by established teams, processes and communication flow.