About us

China Business Consulting has been founded in 2006 in Shanghai to provide state-of-the-Art Business Services for foreign-invested and local corporations in China.

Gradually the company developed towards providing a bridge between European companies and their business objectives in China.

Since 2007 the company operates from offices in Beijing and has since supported many well known European companies setting up and improving structures in China and achieving their business targets in the Middle Kingdom.

Today China Business Consulting is focused on providing top quality, cost effective and tailor-made business services for foreign invested Small-/Medium Enterprises in China.

The competence of China Business Consulting is far reaching: from Market Entry, Incorporation, Business Improvement, Divestment to classical business consulting in the fields of corporate organization, business processes, business development, marketing and sales.

China Business Consulting distinguishes from most other advisers by its entrepreneurial background. Moreover we have extensive practical experiences behind the "Chinese Curtain", acquired from projects provided to Chinese corporations in China and abroad.

We call ourselves consultants, but in our heart and mind we are entrepreneurs, all-rounders and managers.